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Guitar Hero Greatest Hits And What Guitar?

I'm getting guitar hero greatest hits but wondering what guitar to buy with it, and i've heard that the world tour guitar has problems, but i'm also thinking that the game might have playing features that a guitar hero 3 guitar might not support so what guitar to get?? (this is all for PS3 btw)

Posted by The Darkness and Queen Rock
Arthur Kutcher

Any guitar that was originally made for the Guitar Hero series will work. Or any guitar that was made on or after the release of Rock Band 2 will work. But as you suspect, the GHWT guitars are junk. I would suggest getting a Rock Band 2 wireless model.

Guitar Hero 3 Guitar question?

Can I use a regular mic with the Guitar Hero 3 guitar or does it have be a cell phone. I know you can use a mic with the rock band guitar but it cant be the original xbox 360 mic, but can u use one with gh3 guitar?
Im talking about a mic to talk to people that you plug into the guitar so you can chat with others not a mic to sing with!

Posted by Susan C
Arthur Kutcher

Hang on what? Guitar Hero games focuses all on playing with the guitar or base. Only Rock Band uses every position from guitar, base, microphone, and drums (note you can use a guitar hero guitar on Rock Band, but you can't use a Rock Band guitar on Guitar Hero). Next to that, you can't use a cellphone for anything. Also, if I understand correctly, you're asking if you can use a Xbox live mic for Rock Band, I don't think you can.

Arthur Kutcher

The guitar yo want to buy is a FULL SIZE guitar Yamaha C40 Full Size Nylon-String Classical Guitar. So, do NOT buy the 3/4 size bag. The other bag, Http://… will fit that guitar just fine. Most classical guitars are about the same size. That bag was make for a standard full size classical guitar so, it will be just fine.

10 easy 3 chord acoustic guitar songs (G C D)

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